Pig Boy knew he was different, he just didn't know how different...

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Hello! My name is Michael Harvey and I've been telling this story in one form or another for many years to people of all ages all over the world. Then I realised that I can only be in one place at a time so I decided to write it down. I hope one day you might hear me tell it but, in the meantime, here is Pig Boy for you. He'll be in the shops around the end of the year but I will be giving away chunks of the story between now and book launch day. Sign up using the form above to start hearing more about Pig Boy!

Pig Boy is coming, you better be ready:

You think you’re probably about fourteen but you’re not sure. One day there’s a knock at the door and you’re told you’re not who you think you are. You turn out to be some kind of prince and your step-mother wants a word with you. Oh, yes – and you’re real name is ‘Pig Boy’. […]

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A great selection of stories adapted from the versions of popular stories collected by the Brothers Grimm

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The Mighty Dead by Adam Nicolson – a review

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Location for many Welsh legends. Mabinogion or Mabinogi?

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