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Pig Boy is coming, you better be ready

You think you’re probably about fourteen but you’re not sure. One day there’s a knock at the door and you’re told you’re not who you think you are. You turn out to be some kind of prince and your step-mother wants a word with you. Oh, yes – and you’re real name is ‘Pig Boy’. So off you go on an adventure that has been told for thousands of years but is new and strange, marvellous and terrifying. If you want to get your hands on some of these adventure written by an amazon #1 bestselling author sign up here.

pig boy is coming - another bestselling book?

pig boy is coming – another bestselling book?


Praise for Michael Harvey’s previous books:

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Celtic Folktales from Wales was my first attempt at self-publishing and to my surprise and delight it got great reviews and quickly became an Amazon kindle #1 bestselling book. Click on the book cover image on the left if you are curious.

I have been telling these stories for many years and I am really chuffed that people liked what I  wrote. Since then I’ve wanted to do so something meatier and I finally looked the big hairy beast of story that lies behind Pig Boy in the eyes and got to it. The story is much bigger than your average folktale, of course. Howerver, it still has the intimate connection with landscape that the folktales have as well as the magic, transformation and mystery. You can find out more about me here.


Reviews of amazon #1 Bestselling book

I’ve just downloaded Michael Harvey’s new book of Celtic Folktales from Wales – and what a delicious collection it is. I devoured the whole thing in one sitting and still came away wanting more…This is first class storytelling for young and old – can’t recommend it highly enough. Amazon Review  Celtic Folktales from Wales – verified purchase

Wonderful, I love the way he combines traditional tales with descriptions of modern Wales. Well written too. Amazon Review  Celtic Folktales from Wales – verified purchase

This is a lovely book to get lost in – It really conjures up a picture of mythic Wales in the landscapes and more recent history which come so vividly to life- You can almost smell it and touch it. The stories are a great selection of Welsh tales from myth to fairy tale. Amazon Review  Celtic Folktales from Wales – verified purchase

Great book – the stories of Wales come to life as if Michael is beside you telling them. His qualities as a storyteller – warmth, wit and feeling for dramatic emphasis – leap from the page into the readers imagination. If you want an ear to the ground, this is the one to choose. Amazon Review  Celtic Folktales from Wales – verified purchase

To have had the great pleasure of seeing Michael perform live gives another dimension to the stories he charismatically tells. His delightful, charming voice carries you through the pages, transporting you as if you were a child once again. These Welsh stories are indeed ‘a lovely interweaving of anecdote, landscape, gentle teaching and mystery’.
No mean feat.
Amazon Review  Celtic Folktales from Wales – verified purchase

no.1 bestseller

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