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Why mythological pigs matter

by michaelharvey in Folktales, Mabinogi, Mythology, Review

What did King Arthur have for Christmas Dinner?

by michaelharvey in Folktales, General, King Arthur, Mabinogi, Mythology

Asking what King Arthur had for Christmas Dinner is not as stupid as it seems. To answer it we need to know which one of  the many Arthurs we are talking about. The one that most interests me is the Arthur of the long Welsh epic, the Mabinogi. This is Arthur the warrior, statesman, hunter, […]

Stalked by Oxen – on the trail of the Ychain Bannog

by michaelharvey in Folktales, Mabinogi, Mythology, Storytelling

I had decided to  spring clean my hard drive the other day. Suddenly, I found an old article I had written over fifteen years ago about storytelling and the Welsh landscape. I was about to drag and drop it into the bin when I changed my mind and opened it. It was good to see […]

Celebrating Margaret Jones

by michaelharvey in Creativity, Mabinogi, Storytelling, Writing

An appreciation of the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Margaret Jones

The Joy of Punctuation

by michaelharvey in Creativity, General, Mabinogi, Writing

Punctuation – What is it good for? I’m on my third draft of Pig Boy and can no longer put off the moment of sorting out the punctuation. I don’t know about you, but when I was in school, punctuation seemed to be some kind of weird algebra. It had  lots of complicated rules and […]

Mythology is still Important

by michaelharvey in Mabinogi, Mythology

Click here for more blog posts about mythology, Pig Boy and much else besides… Why should we be interested in the myths of long ago? Mythology is still important because, although we talk about theses stories as ‘ancient’, we have not changed much over the millennia. The supernatural beings of the mythic world are larger […]

Did King Arthur really exist?

by michaelharvey in General, Mabinogi, Mythology

King Arthur may or may not have existed but he definitely was – and is – real!

The Mabinogion or Mabinogi? A guide for the confused.

by michaelharvey in Mabinogi, Mythology

Mabinogion or Mabinogi? So which is it? The short and confusing answer is – both. The Mabinogion or Mabinogi are a collection of stories collected together in the Middle Ages around eight hundred years ago. The Mabinogion usually refers to the whole collection within which there are four separate ‘branches’ of related stories called the […]

Welsh myth – Review of ‘Assembly of the Severed Head’ by Hugh Lupton

by michaelharvey in General, Mabinogi, Mythology, Review

There are several versions available of the Welsh myth ‘The Mabinogion’ but Hugh Lupton’s is strikingly effective. For Mabinogion geeks like myself the texts as they have come down to us in modern Welsh and English translations are a mine of wonder and magic about the soul of the country where I live. However, for […]

Pig Boy is on his way in a new book!

by michaelharvey in Mabinogi, Pig Boy Info

I have almost completed the first draft of my new book, Pig Boy,  and I am now looking for the people who will help turn it from a humble word processing document into a big,fat,smelly,snorting reality. Just like the heroes who go off in pursuit of the Great Boar in the story I’m looking for […]