So, did I just make all this up?

by michaelharvey in Pig Boy Info

No, I did not! The story I tell in the book Pig Boy is in a long story from Celtic mythology . It’s part of a bigger collection of marvellous, magical and really quite weird Welsh stories called the Mabinogion. In its medieval form Pig Boy was called Culhwch and Olwen and, for many years, […]

Pig Boy is on his way in a new book!

by michaelharvey in Mabinogi, Pig Boy Info

I have almost completed the first draft of my new book, Pig Boy,  and I am now looking for the people who will help turn it from a humble word processing document into a big,fat,smelly,snorting reality. Just like the heroes who go off in pursuit of the Great Boar in the story I’m looking for […]