Review of Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman

by michaelharvey in General

Philip Pullman brings all the stories that you know from the Brothers Grimm. And he adds a few more that you’ve never heard of for good luck in this fantastic translation and adaptation. As Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm discovered that people were actually reading and enjoying their stories panic began to set in.  These popular […]

Welsh myth – Review of ‘Assembly of the Severed Head’ by Hugh Lupton

by michaelharvey in General, Mabinogi, Mythology, Review

There are several versions available of the Welsh myth ‘The Mabinogion’ but Hugh Lupton’s is strikingly effective. For Mabinogion geeks like myself the texts as they have come down to us in modern Welsh and English translations are a mine of wonder and magic about the soul of the country where I live. However, for […]