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New book from Michael Harvey based on Welsh Celtic Mythology

Pig Boy is on his way in a new book!

by michaelharvey in Mabinogi, Pig Boy Info

I have almost completed the first draft of my new book, Pig Boy,  and I am now looking for the people who will help turn it from a humble word processing document into a big,fat,smelly,snorting reality. Just like the heroes who go off in pursuit of the Great Boar in the story I’m looking for some brave companions to help make this all happen. Sign up and you will get free chapters and sections of the book and your feedback is very, very welcome.

new book pig boy is coming

new book Pig Boy is coming

New book out soon

I’ll let you know about the launch date for the new book very soon but there are a lot of things to sort out first. I will be posting snippets on this blog but if you want more in depth information and audio files then it is best to sign up for updates

I have been telling this story for many years and will definitely be doing so after the publication of Pig Boy. Hopefully one day you may get to hear it in person. The writing of the story means that I can go into a lot more detail and spend more time developing description and dialogue. Mind you, I do miss having people sitting in front of me. You can find out more about Pig Boy’s previous incarnation as a show in this blog post.

They say that love is a mixed blessing but in this new book it is actually a curse! Pig Boy’s step-mother cursed with love of one woman only and this curse drives the whole story. It leads him to the court of King Arthur himself and on to the trail of a homicidal, giant wild boar. He gains wisdom from the animals, faces up to a terrifying giant and is taught by the greatest warriors in the king’s court. Does he get the woman of his dreams? Well you’ll have to stick around to find out because I’m not ready to give the end away quite yet!

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